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September 2021 Ignacio Chamber Meeting Minutes

Ignacio Chamber Meeting Minutes

September 1, 2021

Porky’s Smokehouse

Present: Clark Craig, Sharon Craig, Rebecca York, Kasey Correia, Amos Lee, Andrea Taylor, Tony Harwig, Allison Leath, Charley Flagg, Carol Thompson, Mike Pachecco, Susan at Silver Spruce, Shalina

August Meeting Minutes Approved: Sharon motioned. Amos Second All approved.

Carol Thompson: $5444.91 Checking + $656.29 savings.

Green Chili Fest: Saturday Sept 4 from 12 – 4. Need chili cook-off contestants and volunteers.

Bethany Powell: Going well at Bayfield + Durango + Mancos. Late start classes are beginning 10/5 and 10/18 for CNA and EMT. Classes are both in person and virtual.

Sharon Craig: Economic Summit September 21. Re: Workforce @ Casino. Downtown revitalization focusing on creative opportunities for development.

Kasey Correia: Still in spin-cycle with USFA for building purchase at 500 Goddard. USDA requires 25% down. Looking at other grants. Looking at renting 170 Ute through May as a temporary location for Dancing Spirit.

Susan @ Silver Spruce. Groundbreaking ceremony for new location.

Andrea Taylor: Casino Anniversary Dinner 9/9/2021. SUIT general meeting 9/17. 9.21.2021 Harley Davidson moto-poker event Saturday 9/4/2021.

Shalina: Cream de la Cream ice cream + coffee shop soft opening Saturday. Hopefully opened fully 9/6/2021. Opened mornings and afternoons.

Allison Leath: Food service Saturdays 11-1 at ELHI. Clothing store opened Tuesday – Saturday. Afterschool programs starting now.

Amos Lee: Farmers Fresh is going great. Plans moving forward for 3-Springs.

Tony Harwig: Team was helping in South Dakota. Down 1 ambulance. Training at Casino.

Adjourned: 8:53am

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