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April 2023 Minutes

Ignacio Chamber Meeting

April 5, 2023

Sky Ute Casino

Present: Bruce LeClaire, Tony Harwig, Ann Salviazul, Jeremy Shockley, Ann McCoy Harold, Susan

Cimburek, Amos Lee, Isaiah Lee, Kristen Johnston, Andrea Taylor, Jessica Dunbar, Carol

Thompson, Mike Pacheco, Randall Haynes, Kasey Correia, Alyson Hildner, Marcia Vining, Brian

Crane, Trinity Crane, Eva Lewis, Tuggy Dunton, Clark and Sharon Craig

Called to Order: 8:05am

Welcome Visitors

Time of Reflection: Pastor Randall Haynes

Thank you to Sky Ute Casino for hosting the meeting and sponsoring breakfast.

Announcement of the 2023 officers

President - Clark Craig

Vice President - Amos Lee

Treasure - Carol Thompson

Secretary - Rebecca York

March Minutes: Andrea Taylor moved to accept March minutes. Tuggy second. All


Financials: $7541.73 in checking and $4658.99 in savings.

Presentation: Thank you to Eva Lewis, Ignacio Creative District Director presentation attached.

Looking for Community input and engagement. Please attend the April 20th Meet and Greet to

get involved.

Old Business:

Green Chili Fest is set for Saturday, September 2, 2023. Waiting for response for Special Event

Permit. Next meeting will be April 12th at the Ignacio Community Library at 2:30pm

New Business: Chamber Board has agreed to oversee the 2024 Taste of Christmas, Kasey will

be in charge of this committee

Round Table Updates:

Bruce LeClaire – Boys and Girls Club - Scholarships for Summer attendees. Rural Philanthropy

Days will be in the area they will visit Ignacio on June 7th at 9am planning visits to Sun Ute

Community Center, ELHI possibly KSUT. Looking for donations for Swag Bags for philanthropists

and sponsors for the event.

ELHI – Ignite gymnasts very successful all 7 qualified for Regionals. Looking for support to travel

to Texas for Regionals. 2nd Saturday Pine River Share Food Distribution, Clothing Closet open

Tuesdays and Fridays (10am-2pm), Space available for rent.

Los Pinos Fire Protection District – Currently Training Wildland Crews they will be stationed

here June/July/August but will work nationally as needed. Within the next couple of weeks

they will staff will be onsite in Arboles. Upper Pine has scholarships for interested parties to

attend EMT School for free.

Southern Ute Drum – Lots of activities they are covering. New printer has been very good

quality. 2-23 Calendars on sale for $15. Current issue in print will be 28 pages. Thanks to the

Drum for the coverage of our community!! Opportunity for businesses to get large prints of

Drum photos to display at their business for cost of printing.

Southern Ute Cultural Center and Museum – Working to combine marketing efforts for all the

tribal venues.

Jack-A-Lope Acres – Planning to open May 25th. Working with visit Durango, when visitors go to

the Visitor Center they will recommend as a destination. Discussion looking at ways to get

visitors to Ignacio for numerous activities such as visiting the Museum, going to Jack-A-Lope,

trip to Fox Fire Farms. Also, discussion about creating a community map and calendar.

Isaiah –

Farmers Fresh – Battling inflation/pricing, trying to keep prices affordable for the community.

Positions open in the deli.

Sky Ute Casino – Check out the Easter Buffet at the Willos this weekend. (large brunch variety)

Continuing the summer youth program contact Jessica Dunbar. Romance, Family and Local

packages for the hotel available.


Ignacio Community Church – Join them for Easter Service. Memorial for Donna Young April

22nd at 1pm.

Ignacio School District – Meet and Greet for new Kindergarteners. State Testing soon. April 8th

sports activities all day.

Dancing Spirit – working with United Way Team Up to help kids access scholarships for summer

activities. Need donors.

Community Banks of Colorado – Please help get the word out they have 3 positions available

(teller, banker and manager)

Ignacio Community Library – Check out April Newsletter


Community Parties back every 2nd Friday, June, July and August.

The Voices of Ignacio Project - Do you remember going to the movies at the Ute Theatre or

Buckskin Drive-In Theatre? Please share your stories and preserve Ignacio community history. or call (970)563-9287 Visit the voices website to learn more and

hear other recordings

Town of Ignacio – Still working with citizens on higher utility bills. Received a grant for 2MIL for

infrastructure at Rock Creek (housing development) asked La Plata County for an additional

$700,000. Hopefully will be able to start turning dirt soon after going through the planning

process. Additionally, the SUIT has asked for 7.5MIL in congressional spending to build five 5-

plexes in the center of this development. Lots of collaboration in the community to provide

affordable housing for employees in the community and county.

Discussion concerning next meeting due to conflict with the SBCD SW Colorado Small Business

Conference. The consensus was to push the chamber meeting to May 10th. To register

Adjourned at 9:28 am

Next Meeting – May 10, 2023 Guest Speaker: Teresa Bagdol, Celebrate Recovery

June Meeting – June 7, 2023 Guest Speaker: Angie Beach, Music in the Mountains

July Meeting – July 5, 2023 Guest Speaker: Marcia Vinning, ICL Bookmobile launch TBD

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