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October 2021 Ignacio Chamber Meeting Minutes

Ignacio Chamber Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2021

Porky’s Smokehouse

Present: Clark Craig, Sharon Craig, Carol Thompson, Kasey Correia, Tony Harwig, Amos Lee, Chris Dekay, Brittainey, Shalina, Heather Velasquez, Andrea Taylor, Marcia Vining

Thank you to Amos for coffee + donuts

Thank you to Dayson for hosting at Porky’s Smokehouse

Called to Order: 8:03am

Thank you to Dayson for hosting the meeting at Porky’s and Farmers Fresh for providing coffee and donuts.

Financial Report: Have $2978.80 to deposit from Green Chili Fest. Checking $4388.24 + $656 in Savings.

Rebecca York is working on trifold brochure for Chamber Members

Old Business:

Sharon Craig: Green Chili Fest had a great turnout. $1860 net. $1600 in beer/wine. 2019 did $1100 in beer sales. Bottom Shelf Brewery donated kegs. Los Pinos donated tables and chairs. Foxfire Farms gave us discount on wine.

Clark Craig: Please let Foxfire Farms, Bottom Shelf Brewery, and Los Pinos Fire we appreciate their help with Green Chili Fest.

Shalina with Crème de la Creme came up with a new coffee float for Green Chili Fest.

New Business:

Clark Craig: Looking at Ignacio Chamber shirts for events.

Kasey Correia: USDA moved ahead with next step and looking at getting an appraisal and assessment for disability. Looking at 170 Ute but the Board decided against renting the building. Dancing Spirit is staying in room 19 at ELHI. Taste of Christmas is also coming back (tentatively) to Inspiration Square.

Clark Craig: Ignacio Chamber was asked to run the beer tent at the Brisket/BBQ. Looking for volunteers to help out with Chamber beer tent.

Amos Lee: Have more vendors coming to Brisket/BBQ cookoff. Looking for volunteers.

Chris Dekay: Shared how to be a corporate sponsorship for Ignacio School District.

Clark Craig: The Ignacio Chamber Board did approve a $250 sponsorship for Ignacio School District.

Charley Flagg: (Apologies. Could not hear Charley Flagg on the zoom audio recap). Masks are not currently required at the Casino. Follow Tribe on website for updated Covid information. Testing October 25/26th.

Tony Harwig: Call volume is up from last year. Offered help for Brisket/BBQ event.

Brittainy: Brisket/BBQ this Saturday. 8 contestants. Ribs and Brisket. 12 vendors. Looking for volunteers to help during event.

Shalina: Crème de la Crème is OPEN! We also deliver. Working with hours. Menus are done.

Heather Velasquez: Auto parts store is going well. Products are hard to get.

Andrea Taylor: Cut staffing. Vaccinations required. Events are still ongoing. Masks are required. October is Disability Awareness month. Program internet training for disabled. Free for those who make less than $55,000 a year.

Carol Thompson: October 15th tax deadline.

Marcia Vining: Library cards were given 1 card per grade. Library received a donation of a telescope. Escape rooms will be open November & December during the holidays. Memorial room dedication for Noama Jones. This Friday 4pm. Received a large book donation! Always accepting and appreciating book donations.

Amos Lee: Farmers Fresh is doing well. Sales up from last year. Moving forward with 3-Spings. Hopefully breaking ground early spring 2022. Almost 35,000 feet. Liquor store inside as well. Struggling with supply issues.

Chris Dekay: Homecoming this week. Character counts: orange. Still remaining open and dealing with Covid. Bonfire/Powder Puff tonight.

Annette Gallegos: Still looking for employees/tellers.

Kasey Correia: Dancing Spirit will be having a bake sale at Brisket/BBQ. Pre-school afterschool program never took off. Looking at morning pre-school programs. A few spots left in Pottery Wednesdays afternoon classes. Masks required.

Tuggy Dunton: Town Hall: Full closure of Becker light tomorrow. Kelly McCoy is new assistant. Thank you to Morgan for training her. Board meeting Monday: LUDC update will be presented. Preliminary budget. Public comments are welcome via in person or remote. Looking at revitalization working with Creative District. Creative District: looking for board members. Please contact or Tuggy. Appointment with Southern Ute Tribal Council requesting support – which works towards State Certification.

Clark Craig: We have been working on LUDC since 2018. This is the final draft and would like community to look at and provide feedback.

Sharon Craig: How do we support our businesses and bring new businesses to Ignacio? Looking for ideas.

Allison Leath: ELHI grand opening for new cafeteria coming soon. Kitchen is available for renting out. Taste of Christmas is happening. Light Parade Friday December 3. Santa is coming in via helicopter again. Room is available at the ELHI.

Amy Barry: new to all the committees and meetings. Looking forward to meeting everyone. TRIBE is looking forward to work with Town Hall and ELHI etc., to work collaboratively. Went back a level on SUIT mandates. Masks are still required.

Next Tuesday is school-board forum.

Adjourned: 9:07am

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