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October 2020 Chamber Minutes

Present: Clark Craig, Sharon Craig, Carol Thompson, Kasey Correia, Amos Lee, Rocco Fuschetto, Allison Leath, Marcia Vining, Tony Harwig, Nancy Dosdall, Mike Pacheco, Rebecca York

Called to Order: 8:05am

Sponsors: Porky’s Smokehouse

September minutes: Carol motioned. Amos second. Minutes approved.

Financials: Checking $7268.96 Savings $656.26. Paid 3 scholarships and reimbursed Sharon Craig for Chili Fest.

Presentation: Nancy Dosdall, a senior planner/consultant at SEH, discussed possible housing development on the Rock Creek 6-acre parcel on the hill.

Sharon gave an update on Chili Fest. People were very thankful to have the Chili Fest. Sharon thanked the Chamber for support and Farmers Fresh for donating the proceeds.

Rocco Fuschetto: Character counts: blue for trustworthiness. Ignacio school district and CDOT are still planning to add pedestrian light at on Goddard Ave for student crossing. Enrollment is down 60 students. The school is offering both in person and online classes. Teachers are lecturing/teaching both in class and online. 1400-1500 meals are being provided each week. Ignacio Schools are following all government and San Juan Basin Health protocols.

Allison Leath: ELHI received grants for courses. Offering first aid and CPR classes. Meals are being delivered Saturday’ 11-1. Food drive at 1:00. Applying for additional grants for building repairs, paint and external cameras. ELHI is taking paint bids. Art contest running currently. Rentals available for cafeteria/kitchen.

Amos Lee: Farmer Fresh Brisket Cookoff was down from last year, but still a good turn-out.

Marcia Vining: Library still offering programs on YouTube. Taste of Christmas will be a parade to celebrate community. Looking at handing out gift bags for children.

Rebecca York: Business is doing great. Continue to promote health and wellness.

Tony Harwig: Los Pinos Fire Department has had several serious calls including an explosion, a plane, and an arsonist starting fires. Will be shutting down seasonal crews. Still have election signs available.

Clark Craig: Please get involved with community. Runs non-profit for Los Pinos Fire and always accepting donations. Town Hall meeting October 12 regarding a code that could revoke business licenses.

Clark Craig/Board update: Final edits of bylaws. Should be mailed out the next few months for member input/edit and approval. Carol completed Q3 financials.

Sharon Craig: Town Hall meeting is October 12 and will be discussing revoking business licenses. Also La Plata Cares is offering assistance with Covid costs. Apply online. Chamber will continue to send out link for application and information.

Carol Thompson: Tax-day is October 15.

Annette Gallegos: TBK still closed and working from home. Lobby open. Working on PPP forgiveness. Only about 70% are being forgiven.

Mike Pacheco: inquired about business in Durango that are experiencing the same issues as Farmers Fresh.

Adjourned 9:07am

Next meeting Wednesday November 4, 2020

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