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June 2021 Ignacio Chamber Minutes

Ignacio Chamber Meeting Minutes

Wednesday June 2, 2021

Porky’s Smokehouse

Present: Andrea Taylor, Bethany Powell, Charlie Flagg, Rebecca York, Clark Craig, Sharon Craig, Jack Turner, Amos Lee, Dan Meyer, Tuggy Dunton, Marcia Vining, Shalina Luna, Tony Harwig, Annette Gallegos, Mike Pachecco

Called to Order: 8:04am

Thank you to Porky’s Smokehouse for meeting location and Farmers Fresh for coffee and donuts.

May 2021 minutes: Tuggy Dunton motioned. Carol second. Minutes approved.

Checking: $7086.21 and Savings: $656.37. Scholarships are being sent out.

Speaker: Jack Turner spoke on creating “Intersections” – biking paths throughout La Plata County to increase tourism, recreation and economic development.

Shalina Luna is opening a coffee and breakfast shop on Goddard Ave. Hopefully opening soon.

Marcia Vining with Scholarship Committee awarded 3 scholarships. $750 + $250 + $250. The committee will also be reformatting application for next year.

Sharon Craig: Green Chili Fest is happening Saturday Sept 4th. The location is still to be determined.

Andrea Taylor and Charlie Flagg: Casino hotel is opened at limited capacity. Slot machines are open 9am – midnight. Casino is facing staffing challenges and looking to hire.

Tony Harwig: Business as usual. Arboles Fire-Department designs have been submitted.

Amos Lee: Business doing well. Need staff. Phase 1 of curbside pick up should be launched soon. New Grill for green chilis.

Annette Gallegos: TBK is working on PPP Forgiveness.

Mike Pachecco: Trying to get materials.

Bethany Powell: PCC Scholarships are available. FAFSA applications should be done ASAP. PCC is both virtual and in person. Many programs available: CNA, EMT, Law enforcement etc.,

Marcia Vining: Library hired new staff. Summer music program and food truck June 11. Ignacio Reads program with the school is underway. Please choose “Ignacio Library” under Amazon Smiles charity program.

Tuggy Dunton: Hired Jeremy Mickey. Intersection light project to begin soon. Town Hall open 10-2. Next Town Meeting with Planning Commission Meeting: June 8. Town Hall: June 14.

Adjourned: 8:59am

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