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July 2021 Ignacio Chamber Meeting Minutes

Ignacio Chamber Meeting Minutes

Wednesday July 2, 2021

Porky’s Smokehouse

Called to Order: 8:04am

Present: Annette Gallegos, Tuggy Dunton, Shalina Luna, Ann McCoy, Health Velasquez, Carol Thompson, Mike Pacheco, Tony Harwig, Kasey Correia, Nita Emerson, Rebecca York, Kasey Correia

Annette Gallegos brought donuts and Rebecca York brought coffee because Amos Lee was out not attending the meeting but Farmers Fresh sent over coffee and donuts anyway! 😊

Tuggy Dunton: Ignacio was awarded $228k in APR funds. Next Town Hall meeting will be in person on July 12th. Standard Utility

Billing Policy will be reinstated on July 26th; late fees, disconnections and reconnection fees will be charged on all accounts with outstanding balances. Next meeting will be discussing marijuana on the ballot for next April. Intersection light project has begun – please drive careful. Land use and development code draft should be completed for August meeting.

Ann McCoy: Making my way towards a new career.

Shalina Luna: Coffee shop on Goddard Ave will be opening first week of August. Looking at hours of 7am – 4pm. Serving coffee, breakfast and ice-cream.

Mike Pacheco: Business is good.

Tony Harwig: Colorado is at stage 1 fire restrictions and watching for changes with rain.

Carol Thompson: Staying busy.

Kasey Correia: Dancing Spirit moved rooms at ELHI. Offering Camp Creative ages 5-12. Scholarships available. Offering Adult Pottery classes. Flower Shop on Goddard Ave is for sale.

Nita Emerson with SOCO: Setting up modulars on Goddard Ave. Hiring for Councilor. Kathy Valencia is retiring. Teaching Assistant position open.

Annette Gallegos: TBK back open 100%

Marcia Vining: Library offering this Friday night music.

Rebecca York: Chiropractic office is good and busy with Tribe opening back up.

Adjourned: 8:44

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