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Ingacio Chamber Meeting Minutes June 2022

Ignacio Chamber Meeting Minutes

June 1, 2022

Sky Ute Casino

Present: Bruce LeClaire, Kasey Correia, Trevor Bird, Ann Salviazul, Amos Lee, Chip Lile, Rebecca York, Marcia Vining, Tony Harwig, Clark Craig, Sharon Craig, Mike Pacheco, Pastor Daniel Meyer, Andrea Taylor, Nita Emerson, Annette Gallegos, Tuggy Dunton, Amy Barry

Called to Order: 8:06am

Thank you to Sky Ute Casino for hosting Chamber meeting

May 2022 Minutes tabled: Tuggy Dunton motioned. Annette Gallegos second. All approved to table.

Presentation: Trevor Bird Durango Harley Davidson and Chip Lile Four Corners Motorcycle Rally. Family Friendly Motorcycle Rally happening Labor Day weekend. Need volunteers. See website for events, tickets and details.

Tuggy Dunton presented Sharon Craig with Chamber shirt in appreciation of continued Green Chili Fest.

Elisia Cruz won $1000 Ignacio Chamber Scholarship

Ignacio Directory is in the works. Advertisement opportunity email is coming this week.

Andrea Taylor: Semi and Truck pull this weekend at Casino. Indian Moto Rally. Events booked through the summer.

Marcia Vining: Summer Reading program starts today with amazing prizes. June 11 – music at 5:30. Full time position open at the library. Blood drive end of the month.

Bruce LeClaire: Character Counts training. Summer Club maxed out. Job at B & G club available.

Adjourned at 9:03am

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