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Ignacio Chamber Meeting June 3, 2020

Ignacio Chamber Member Meeting

Wednesday June 3, 2020 via Zoom 8:06am

Present: Clark Craig, Rebecca York, Erik at Community Bank, Sharon Craig, Tuggy Dunton, Tony with Los Pinos Fire Dept, Bethany Powell, Mary Sheppard, Carl Thompson, Brian Rose, Amos Lee, Mike Pachecco, Kasey Correia, Emily Meisner

· Chili Fest is on September 12 from 2 – 6 pm

· Clark: The Ignacio Chamber has been present with several local tasks force which are working towards re-opening businesses and communities, will be sending information via emails

· Financials: $7755.11 Savings $656.21

· Scholarships were awarded to 5 candidates at $250 each totaling $1250.00

· Rebecca York: I am happy to be back open, been busy and doing great!

· Erik at Community Bank: Busy with work, 3 positions open at the bank, notary available

· Sharon Craig: Chili festival is happening

· Tuggy at Town Hall: Not open yet, but can make appointment, phones available 10-2, call for masks

· Tony/Los Pinos Fire: no crew sick with covid, have N95 masks, 2 ambulances

· Bethany Powell: remote and in-person learning for summer and fall classes

· Mary Sheppard: re-opening but while closed, helping in other ways. Working on grants, etc.,

· Brian Rose presented with funding opportunities through business loans available. Contact

· Emily Meisner: Economic development. New guidelines to get businesses back to usual, Training 6/22

Meeting adjourned 8:52am

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