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Ignacio Chamber Meeting September 2022

Ignacio Chamber Meeting

September 7, 2022

Sky Ute Casino

Meeting Called to Order: 8:07am

Present: Colton Black, Sharon Craig, Clark Craig, Kevin Aten, Randall Haynes, Tuggy Dunton, Kasey Corriea, Andrea Taylor, Carol Thompson, Rebecca York, Ann McCoy, Alyson Hildner, Jeremy Wade Shockley, Lori Niewold, Amos Lee, Chris Dekay, Bruce LeClaire, Bobbie Rosa, Annette Gallegos, Marcia Vining, Ann S. (ELHI)

Thank you to Sky Ute Casino for hosting the Chamber meeting

Financial Report: $10,051.84 checking and $4656.48 savings

Minutes: August 3, 2022 Minutes Tabled

Prsesntation: Dr Kevin Aten from Pueblo Community College updating on PCC education, skills training, high school/5th year PCC integration and the future of skills/re-skills, further education, and job training.

Green Chili Fest: Local green chilis from Allison, CO. Thank you to Sharon Craig for leading Green Chili Fest again this year.

Ignacio Chamber Directories are DONE!

Chris Dekay: 4-day school week. Friday academy and PCC collaboration and skill trade certificates. College credits. “Pathways” though PCC. Still short staffed but covering.

Bruce LeClaire: 50% capacity. Short Staffed. On waiting list. Helping students with Friday/4-day school weeks. Need board members.

Andrea Taylor: Great Rally set for the weekend. 500 people on Saturday. Sunday is a bike give-away. Looking at next years event/bike rally. 100 year pow-wow celebration.

Bobbi Rosa: October 12 Disability Awareness at Museum 9-12.

Elhi is looking for board members.

Light Parade still undecided.

Marcia Vining: Library will have trick or treat. Library is fully staffed. Have 3D printer and Resin printers. Mobile Library coming! Skills and upskills trainings. Virtual author programs.

Jeremy Shockley: PDF download of 100 year Southern Ute Fair schedule available. Southern Drum awarded 9 awards.

Adjourned 9:10am

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