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Ignacio Chamber Meeting Sept 2, 2020

Attendance: Charley Flagg, Amos Lee, Tony Harwig, Carol Thompson, Tuggy Dunton, Erik Behres, Chris Dekay, Rebecca York, Allison Leath, Clark Craig, Annette Gallegos, Jessica/Sky Ute, Ann McCoy, Kasey Correia, Sharon Craig, Mark Garcia

Call to Order: 8:02am at Porky’s Smokehouse

Farmers Fresh donated donuts

Rebecca York donated coffee

August minutes: Carol approved. Amos second. Minutes approved.


Clark Craig: Library 2 ports for electrical cars

Allison Leath: ELHI is hosting the green chili fest. There is also a room available to rent at ELHI.

Tuggy Dunton: “Public works” resigned and a position is available. The police department also has a position available. Also municipal judge position available. New water meters and utility bill edits doing great.

Erik Behres: Looking for bankers. Drive through open. Lobby by appointment only

Tony Harwig: Added a person with grants. Transition/changes during covid: increased sanitation and cleaning ambulance and washing clothes between calls. Will be tapping into savings soon. From 2010 we went from 4.9 million to 1.7 million. Still looking for volunteers.

Sharon Crag: Chili Fest is a go with gov protocols. Will have live music, vendors, juggler and Farmers Fresh serving green chili.

Amos Lee: Business is good. Green chilis are roasting for Chili Fest. A lot of support from the community.

Annette Gallegos: TBK Lobby closed. Drive through open. PPP Forgiveness meetings.

Mark Garcia: Looking for housing plans/options in Ignacio. Still planning on Intersection project for school district. Continue to look for staffing for open positions.

Charley Flagg: SUIT Covid tested 828 people last month and 2+ tested positive. Next testing Oct 13/14. Casino is still closed.

Chris Dekay: Ignacio Schools are planning on opening and following government protocols and San Juan Public Health.

Ann McCoy: Senator Gardner will be back in Washington. Senator Garder passed the Great American Outdoors Act.

Rebecca York: Ignacio Chamber Website is up and running at and Instagram: Ignacio.Chamber

Adjourned 8:54am

Next Meeting Wednesday October 7, 2020

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