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Ignacio Chamber Meeting Minutes July 2022

Ignacio Chamber Meeting Minutes

Wednesday July 6, 2022

Sky Ute Casino

Present: Alyson Hildner, Carol Thompson, Ann Salviazul, Rebecca York, Kristen Johnson, Tony Harwig, Clark Craig, Sharon Craig, Pastor Daniel Meyer, Andrea Taylor, Lori Niewold, Bobbie Rosa, Annette Gallegos, Tuggy Dunton, Johnny Gilbert.

Called to Order: 8:05am

Pastor Meyer offered prayers for a safe community.

Meeting Minutes for May 4, 2022 and June 1, 2022: Sharon Craig motioned. Andrea Taylor second. All approved.

Financial Report: $11,015.51 checking + $4,654.41 savings

Presentation: Tony Harwig and Johnny Gilbert from Los Pinos Fire Department discussed Bear Dance fire and Fire Department protocols, data, and capabilities.

The directory is in the final stages and almost ready to print.

Green Chili Fest is on September 3. Sharon Craig thanked sponsors. For sponsor or vendor opportunities contact Ignacio Chamber or Sharon Craig. Next meeting 7/21 at 10:30am.

Order forms for Chamber shirts are available.


Andrea Taylor: Tribal Sundance Friday – Monday and second Sundance Tuesday – Friday. Music in the Mountains July 19.

Tuggy Dunton: Town is looking for Board members for the Adjustment board and Planning Commission. The requirements have been changed. Residence, own a business or own land in town to apply.

Marcia Vining: Summer Music the second Saturday of the month at 5:30. July 9 and August 13.

ELHI: Mobile Food Market July 15 and August 12 from 10-12. Free food.

Jack-a-lope Acres: Looking to open on September 1. Weekend only. Fall Sunflower festival September 17. Looking for employees. Starting at $18/hr. Also looking for sponsorship.

Ann McCoy: Petition to sign for Aaron Hutchins to be added to ballot for Treasury.

Lori Niewald: Bus drivers, preschool teachers, and councilors needed.

Adjourned: 9:06am

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