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Ignacio Chamber Meeting March 4, 2020

Ignacio Chamber of Commerce

March 4, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order: 8:03am

Attendance/Sign-In Sheet: Raymond Dunton, Rocco Fuschetto, Micke Pacheco, Mandy Brown, Amos Lee, Clark Craig, Sharon Craig, Ellie Flake, Merlin Flake, Carol Thompson, Annette Gallegos, Erik Beres, Trennie Collins, Rebecca York, Marcia Vining, Charlie Flagg, Tuggy Dunton, Casandra Sanchez, Journii Nez, Abel Velasquez, Amos Lee, Tony Harwig, Bobbie Rosa, Shannon Miller, Kirk Phillips, Ron Donavant, Kasey Correia (few minutes).


Approval of Minutes:

December 2019 Minutes: Motion: Rocco Second: Raymond

January 2020 Minutes: Motion: Tuggy Second: Carol

Treasure Report/Carol: Thanks to Clark, we can now access Vonage. Checking $7123.42 Savings $656.18

Guest Presentation: Boys and Girls Club. Cassandra Sanchez, Journii Nez, Bruce LeClaire. Overview of Boys and Girls Club and the services they offer.

Board Elections: We finally figured out the Board Membership terms. Trennie Collins, Carol Thompson and Mike Pacheco seats are up and open for election today. Voting from Paid Members only. 3 seats open and 3 nominees.

Motion to accept all 3 nominees. Second the motion. Motion Passed. New Board Members:

Annette Gallegos

Amos Lee

Carol Thompson

Members thanked and applauded Trennie Collins and Mike Pacheco for years of service.


Need a new Scholarship Fund Committee. Ron Donavant was nominated but declined to run the committee but did offer to help. New Scholarship Committee: Ron, Clark, Marcia, Rocco. Marcia will head the committee. $1000 worth of scholarship is offered. The (new) Board will approve and/or change the amount.

Member Updates:

Cassandra/B & Girls Club: Guns and Hoses Event April 3 (tentatively). 2 Board vacancies for B & G Club. Gearing up for summer program. Starting in April looking for summer program internships. Must be 18+ years old.

Mandy Brown: want to start bringing Meth Awareness to Ignacio Community

Abel/SUIT Rec: Still offering Brazillian JuJitzu you can still join.

Bethany/Pueblo Community - Bayfied: CNA classes started in Feb. Spring CAN starts in April. Early Education classes are taking place and scheduling is starting for summer. Looking at RoadRunner transit could go between Ignacio + Bayfield + Durango sites. April 9th Mancos Campus job fair + open house + tours

Jessica/Sky Ute Casino: Urban Cowboy March 28. Tickets $29, $39, $49. Serving food (appetizers etc) in 49 lounge. May 1st beginning sports betting on kiosk and with app.

Amos Lee/Farmers Fresh: Saturday HCCA hosting Ronnie Millsap dinner and concert fundraiser this Saturday. We need to come together for Suicide Prevention as community.

Ron Donavant: Food bank drive for Pine River Shares.

Bobby/SUIT Rehab: Prep for Success Room is finally happening. No date but coming soon.

Tony Harwig/Los Pinos: Agricultural burns are happening. Please call station before so people do not call 911 and send our whole crew for just an agricultural burn. Please try and get them done before noon. Millage approved for vote. Let us know if your business would like a presentation from us regarding millage. We are down 1 paramedic right now and looking for paramedic. We are following Corona Virus and keeping updated and aware.

Merlin Flake: Scholarship applications opened. Great for buyer and seller right now.

Annette/TBK Bank: Look forward to being on the board.

Raymond/ELHI: 2 new tenants are settling in and we are full.

Rocco/School District: Character Counts: orange/fairness, we are following Corona Virus and listening to Gov reports. Thank you for corporate sponsors. Meeting today at 4pm for information on becoming a teacher. Webinar in Board Room today. And houses are done! Basketball Regionals this weekend.

Ann with Senator Gardener office: “He has passed more bills started and finished than anyone. So he is working for you.”

Erik/Community Bank: Looking for part time teller and manager.

Shannon/Herald: Always open for criticism or positive stories.

Sharon Craig: Economic Development and Tribe holding a symposium May 13. Great Speakers. Laura from Region 9 would like to come out and do lunch-and learn. Great Jump Start for businesses. Be looking for that.

Tuggy/Town Hall: Elections April 7. If you live within town limits please make sure registration is current. Waiting results for leak detection test on water system. Water meters coming soon.

Marcia/Library: Author Event March 28. “Unknown Women” author. Family Literacy in April. Friends of Library fund-raiser. $100. Dubbs Auto Funded Literacy sponsored night for $180. Thank you. We are keeping up on Corona Virus, we always clean everything anyway, but we are taking extra precautions and follow school/gov closures. We are in the process of putting up shade out front. Should be done by summer. We also have a chrome book with hotspots to fill out census.

Mike Pacheco: The Fire Department needs us to support the Mill Levy. We need ambulance and fire service.

Tuggy: Police Department need patrol officers.

Trennie: Southern Ute Tribe will be doing a Meth-prevention campaign. Suicide Prevention – bringing information to the community. ROAR are waiting for new employees to be on-boarded then we will move forward. March 14 domestic violence event. DRUM has meet and greet tomorrow at 5pm with movie. Community training for Transgender bullying. Multi-cultural Carnival and Talent show in April 20th for support of census.

Rebecca York/Ignacio Chiropractic: Sports Physicals for $25.00

Meeting Adjourned at 9:15am

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