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Ignacio Chamber Meeting July 1, 2020

Ignacio Chamber Member Meeting

July 1, 2020

Meeting via zoom called to order 8:05am

Present: Clark Craig, Sharon Craig, Rebecca York, Kirk Phillips, 970.946.0260, Annette Gallegos, Tuggy Dunton, Bobbie Rosa, Carol Thompson, Louise Wilson, 970.398.0573, Mark Garcia, Bethany Powell

Clark: The Chamber board has been reviewing and editing the by-laws, will present to the members once they are finalized (hopefully) next meeting.

Finances/Carol: $7731 checking and $656 savings

Sharon: Green Chili fest is being planned. Next planning meeting is July 7, 9am at our office at Meadowbrook. All welcome. Festival is Sept 12, 1 – 6. We are applying for alcohol permit. Also working virtually with economic alliance.

Brian Rose R9/Enterprise Zone. For tax credits contact or visit

Annette: TBK lobby is closed, can make appointments, no re-open date yet, working on PPP loans

Bethany Powell: Durango + Mancos + Bayfield all on summer remote learning, CAN in person, Hybrid planned for fall. PCC

Bobbie Rosa: Still closed but been helping people with internet and internet equipment, adapting, also SW Rainbow helping LGBTQ community with Covid.

Kirk Phillips: If you need N95 masks, call 970.563.4206

Louise Wilson: Been busy with trainings + etc.,

Rebecca York: I am open and (slowly) been working on IGO website.

Tuggy: Town Hall is still closed. Phones open 10-2 M- F, new water meters are being installed

Mark Garcia: working with Durango for Care Act for funding for La Plata Comm.

Next meeting August 5th

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