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February 2021 Chamber Meeting Minutes

Ignacio Chamber Meeting

February 3, 2021

Porky’s Smokehouse

Present: Clark Craig, Sharon Craig, Carol Thompson, Kasey Correia, Tuggy Dunton, Mike Pacheco, Tony Harwig, Amos Lee, Charley Flagg, Rebecca York, Bruce LeClaire, Chris Dekay, Ron Donovant, Marcia Vining

Called to Order: 8:01am

Thanks to Farmers Fresh for donuts and coffee and Porky’s smokehouse for hosting the meeting.

Financials via Carol Thompson: $5271.42 checking and $656.26 savings

January 2021 meeting meetings: Kasey motioned. Sharon second. Approved.

Bylaws as amended and including edits to 7c was approved. 1 motioned by Kasey. Rebecca York second. Bylaws were approved.

The board has 2 opens seats. Clark Craig and Tuggy Dunton terms are up February 2021. Voting next meeting to fill those positions. Voting by paid members only.


Kasey Correia: Bus is adding Bayfield route. Dancing Spirit is opening 8th of March for spring after school arts program.

Bruce Le Claire: B & G Club is still closed but open for membership renewal. Open for virtual programs. Also offering “Healthy Habits” for up to 20 families with Pine Rivers and grants. Also offering a Financial Course. Heart fundraiser this month via local businesses to sell hearts for donations.

Marcia Vining: Library is open. Offering online programs. Hoping for in person summer reading program and other classes soon. Electrical car station grand opening February 12 at 1:00.

Tuggy Dunton: Creative District needs board members. Also setting up local contest for artists and looking for volunteers. Town of Ignacio: new intersection light will hopefully be in by the end of the summer. Town Board meetings second Mondays. 2/10 planning meeting.

Charley Flagg: Vaccine clinic Feb 4 and 11th. Next testing date TBA in April.

Tony Harwig: Fire Department looking at vaccine help. New deputy chief starting next week.

Chris Dekay: Coordinating help with vaccines. School testing April 12-28. School Doors are still open!

Amos Lee: Farmers Fresh is opening a Feed Store at the end of the month.

Ron Donovant: half of PPP is still out there. TBK clients are fist then open to public.

Sharon Craig: Unemployment down. 5-star certification allows restaurants to open at 50%.

Clark Craig: Sharon will be planning Green Chili Fest for Fall of 2021. Date TBD.

Rebecca York: Chamber memberships are due March 2021.

Adjourned at 8:50am

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