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Ignacio Chamber Meeting Aug 5, 2020 Meeting

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Ignacio Chamber Board Meeting

Wednesday August 5, 2020

Porky’s Smokehouse + Zoom-in attendees

Present: Clark Craig, Sharon Craig, Jessica, Charley Flagg, Chris de Kay, Amos Lee, Mike Pacheco, Tuggy Dunton, Kasey Correia, Carol Thompson, Bethany Powell, Cassandra Sanchez, Marcia Vining, Allison Leath, Dayson Goetz, Rebecca York

Called to Order: 8:04 am

Porky’s Sponsored location and coffee. Farmers Fresh donated donuts.

Minutes for February 4, March 4, June 3, July 1: Carol motioned to approved. Tuggy seconded. Minutes were approved.

Financial updates/Carol: $7706.59 in checking with $1250 coming out for scholarships and $600 for IRS and $656.22 in savings.

Board updates:

Scholarship committee awarded 5 recipients $250/each

Working on by-law changes. Once finished it will be snail-mailed to members

New Website is in draft

Working on new logo

Round-Table Updates:

Carol: Taxes due July 15, Corporate taxes due Sept 15. Personal taxes due Oct 15

Kasey: Giving away 200 art kits a week. Dial-a-ride is looking to expand to Bayfield.

Tuggy: Town Hall is still closed. In-person by appointment only. Phones available 10-2 Monday – Friday. Sales tax has not declined. Continuing with signalized light. Creative District is community place making.

Bethany: PCC-SW in-person and online options for classes beginning Aug 17

Allison: New site manager @ELHI. Room 21 open for rent. Strategy planning board and logo. Food distributions Saturdays. Last week food was delivered to 26 cars. Just need help spreading the word on what is available at ELHI

Mike: Busy. Doing good.

Cassandra: B & G Club has online Summer Program and Healthy Habits program. Groceries are being delivered 2x a week for 48 kids. Working on afterschool programs with Covid.

Amos: Store is doing really good. Proud of the workers. We have a zero-rudeness policy.

Chris: School is re-opening with mandates in place and options for in-person, online and hybrid. Focusing on supporting the kids. Most athletic sports are held off until spring. Cross-country will be open for fall.

Charlie: Casino is still closed.

Rebecca: Chiropractic office is opened. Working on Website.

Marcia: Library is opened. Helping with unemployment forms. Numbers are up but not where they were quite yet. Literacy Enrichment Programs. Adult book club. Wifi is available in parking lot. New shade area is great!

Sharon: Green Chili Fest is set for 9/12. Approved for ELHI. No beer. Looking for artists and vendors.

Brisket cookoff set for 10/3.

Adjourned 9:08 Next meeting place will be announced.

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