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Ignacio Chamber Meeting Minutes May 2022

Ignacio Chamber Meeting Minutes

Wednesday May 4, 2022

Sky Ute Casino

Present: Heather Velasquez, Alysa Hildner, Carol Thompson, Kasey Correia, Amos Lee, Rebecca York, Marcia Vining, Kristen Johnson, Tony Harwig, Clark Craig, Sharon Craig, Mike Pacheco, Pastor Daniel Meyer, Andrea Taylor, Nita Emerson, Annette Gallegos, Tuggy Dinton, Eva Lewis, Chris deKay, Jeremy Shockley, Amy Barry, Dixie Cook, Mark Petrocchi (online) and Clay Atkinson (online)

Called to Order: 8:05am

Thank Sky Ute Casino for hosting meeting.

March 2022 Meeting Minutes: Tuggy Dunton motioned. Carol Thompson second. All approved.

April 2022 Meeting Minutes: Andrea Taylor motioned. Kasey Correia second. All approved.

Financials: $6708.94 checking + $4656.34 savings

Board appointed board positions: Clark Craig (President), Annette Gallegos (VP), Carol Thompson (Treasurer), and Rebecca York (Secretary).

Presentation by Eva Lewis, “Let’s talk creative district”

Car Show upcoming May 7th from 10am – 2pm. Looking for judges from Ignacio Chamber

Green Chili Festival is September 3, 2022

Ignacio Chamber shirts will be available for order next meeting

Round Table:

Tuggy Dunton: Town Board donated $5k to Ignacio Creative District. Creative District is working with grant writer. Also looking for Creative District Director. Town working on affordable housing.

Kasey Correia: Black tie event had decrease attendance but successful silent auction. Working on future fundraising and plans.

Bobbie Rosa: Planning for October “Disability Awareness” month. Looking at October 12 for event and ceremony. Collaborating with Southern Ute Rehabilitation Program, the Tribe and state.

Tony Harwig: The election had good turn out. Wildfire crews in NM.

Marcia Vining: Cinco de Mayo celebration at 5:30. DJ + Hotdogs + Burgers. Summer reading program beginning. Advertising space available on marquee for non-profit. Saturday night music at 5:30 on second Saturday of month

Pastor Meyer: working with Pine River shares on elderly concerned with inflation. Pastor Bob will be in town Memorial weekend.

Heather Velasquez: Shop local

Chris deKay: Graduation May 28. + Academic banquet. Duel enrollment for PCC beginning soon. Summer Enrichment series coming soon in email. 4-day school week beginning in Fall 2022 with optional Friday activities available with B&G Club and rec center.

Jeremy Shockley: New reporter at the Drum. May & September are busiest times.

Amy Barry: Dance at the end of the month 5/27. Health Fair in September. Continue with Vaccine and testing.

Mark Petrocchi and Clay Atkinson with AlignTec working on getting better broadband to Ignacio.

Andrea Taylor: Sky Ute having Mothers Day brunch at the Willow 8-3pm $28.99 per person. Looking to hire employees. Banquets and events planned all summer.

Kristen Johnson: Looking at Friday for summer events. IE Movie Nights. Looking at Sponsors. September adult only corn maze. Will have college and teen nights. September 17 Sunflower and Wildflower Festival.

Amos Lee: Commend Jack-a-lope. Farmers Fresh have flowers for Mothers Day.

Annette Gallegos: Increase in interest rates. Fed increased to 7% today. Fully staffed in Bay Field. Looking to hire for Durango. Appreciate Clark Craig continue as President of Chamber.

Mike Pacheco: Increased prices with inflation.

Nita Emerson: Still hiring. Goddard offer accepted. Need Board members to serve.

Kasey Correia: Thank you to sponsors: TBK + Dubs Auto Body + Pinon Liq. Dancing Spirit looking at Summer Art Programs. Events will be listed on Website.

Carol Thompson: May 7 health check. Blood draws/Quest Lab

Sharon Craig: Chili Fest Sponsorship going out. Need Green Chili Fest Leader volunteers.

Adjourned: 9:06am

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