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Ignacio Chamber Meeting Minutes April 2021

Ignacio Chamber Meeting

Wednesday April 7, 2021

Porky’s Smokehouse

Called to Order: 8:03am

Present: Clark Craig, Sharon Craig, Emily Meisner, Brian Rose, Charley Flagg, Cassandra Sanchez, Bethany Powell, Kirk Phillips, Marcia Vining, Tuggy Dunton, Carol Thompson, Ron Dunavant, Brian Rose, Pastor Daniel Meyer, Allison Leath, Mark Garcia, Tony Harwig, Annette Gallegos, Cassandra (B & G Club), Amos Lee, Kasey Correia, Rocco Fuschetto, Mike Pachecco

Thank you to Porky’s Smokehouse for hosting the meeting.

Thank you to Farmers Fresh for coffee and donuts.

Motion to table March Minutes: Marcia and tuggy 2. To Table the March Minutes

Financial report: $7047.51 in checking and $656 in savings

Marcia Vining: scholarships have been sent out.

Scholarship Committee (so far) Marcia Vining, Heather Velasquez, Rocco Fuschetto, and Clark Craig. Scholarships set at $1000.00 so far.

Green Chili Fest Date: Saturday, Sept 4, 2021. Planning on parking lot behind Farmers Fresh.

New Membership: Pathfinder Chiropractic in Durango.

New Guest: Pastor Daniel Meyer at Pine River Valley Church.

Update on Chamber Board: Clark Craig/President, Annette Gallegos/Vice President, Carol Thompson/Treasury, Amos Lee, Tuggy Dunton and Kasey Correia.

Sharon Craig: RBDG (Royal Business Development Grant) reached out to Ignacio to revitalize town with 3-5 year plan. Received quite a few letters of support, including letter of support from Ignacio.

The Ignacio Chamber also sent a letter of support for Dancing Spirit to purchase the old appliance building.

Kirk Phillips: Ignacio Police Chief introduced himself and town has received a permit for Car Show May 1 at Porky’s Smokehouse,

Carol Thompson: Unemployment tax extended for state but not federal

Marcia Vining: Doing “Wonder” program – with buttons. Videos are in the works and the Wonder Program will soon be available on video. Ignacio Reads program is happening.

Brian Rose: Region 9 can help with business finance and expansion. Waiting to hear how the $700 million dollar Colorado stimulus package will be distributed. Region 9 is a finalist for non-profit of the year. Honored to be recognized.

Pastor Daniel Meyer: Pine River Valley Church is providing an afterschool (3:30 - 5:30) Youth program to help kids with homework, provide a snack and other activities. 8 kids came last Thursday.

Tuggy Dunton: Town is continuing with Rock Creek Housing development and meter reader replacements. Town Board meetings second Monday of the month at 6:30. Login to Town website to connect virtually.

Allison Leath: ELHI Board meeting second Monday every month. Room 18 is now available. Received grant and will start painting and getting room ready for activity room for kids. Working on a new logo for ELHI. Allison also started a side business for websites and marketing called Goldfish Local Marketing.

Charley Flagg: Tribe has moved to “safer at home” Phase 2 – Level 3, which will allow to start a small re-opening. Initially it will be invite only with safety precautions and temp taking. No date set but putting together staff and plan. Small food service with restaurants. Next level opening will depend on Covid case numbers. Last August, the Tribal Council chose Andrea Taylor for assistant GM intern in training. Charley is looking forward to a nice retirement.

Mark Garcia: Asked Charley when the hotel might be re-opened. Charley said, if the data and numbers look good, the hotel might be opened in May. But it all depends on the numbers.

Tony Harwig: Seasonal team is up and running. Had a national request in South Dakota and Los Pinos sent some help. Red Flag warning for fires. Adding quarters to Arboles fire-station. Had 2 fires in Arboles last month.

Thanks to Los Pinos for help with the community vaccination program. Vaccine clinic opened this Saturday at the middle school. Registration on Town Website

Annette Gallegos: TBK branches are opened. Commercial still working from home.

Ron Dunavant: Keep up on PPP loans.

Cassandra: B & G Club wrapping up virtual program with STEM and Healthy Habits. Guest Collin Ryan on financial literacy. New virtual creative arts and another Healthy Habits. B & G staff will be planting trees and shrubs for earth day.

Amos Lee: Hired new staff, feed store is moving along, and getting ready to launch curb side pick-up.

Kasey Correia: Road Runner M – F 7am – 8pm, Sat- Sun 10 – 6. As things open up with the tribe, the bus extension will open to Bayfield. Will look for CDL driver for that position. Kasey thanked community for letters to purchase the building on Goddard Ave. Dancing Spirit afterschool program Room 19. Spring break program was a success.

Rocco Fuschetto: Chris Dekay will be Rocco’s replacement as Superintendent. Character counts: Purple/Citizenship. Ignacio Reads program with the school and library is a community effort. Community and Literacy matters. Working with the Town and Police to have police officer at middle and high school and will be doing programs – not just patrolling. School Board will soon have a short-term vacancy if anyone is interested. Rocco thanked Ignacio Chamber of Commerce. He has been a part of the Chamber for 11 years. Rocco is retiring May 29 and will be teaching a course at Fort Lewis College.

Bethany Powell: PCC South West finishing spring semester. Graduation will be virtual. Nursing and Paramedic program starting in the Fall. Durango has CTE program. PCC is working on Work-Force program. An exciting program offered to Bayfield, Durango, and Ignacio high school students to obtain PCC credits towards nursing/CNA program and career exploration. Wildland Firefighter certification program also offered. This could lead to law enforcement, EMT, EMR, nursing etc., Bethany would like to hear what fields students are looking into. What programs/certification does the community needs?

Sharon Craig: Summit program looking for committee and input from community.

Mike Pacheco: Everything is going good and busy.

Light signal update: Meeting next week to discuss final stages. No set date but moving along.

Clark Craig: A lot of legislation coming in at all levels. Be aware and look at the details. IE Jail de-population legislation etc.,

Adjourned: 9:14am


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