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Ignacio Chamber Meeting Jan 8, 2020

Ignacio Chamber of Commerce

January 8, 2020

Meeting Minutes

Present: Trennie Collins (Southwest Rainbow Youth), Tuggy Dunton (Town of Ignacio), Rebecca York (Ignacio Chiropractic), Tony Harwig (Los Pinos Fire), Bethany Powell (Pueblo Community College), Mandy Brown, Kasey Correia (Dancing Spirit), Merlin Flake (Exit Realty), Ellie Flake (Exit Reality), Erik Beres (Community Banks of Colorado), Rocco Fuschetto (Ignacio Public Schools), Jeremy Schockley (SUIT Drum), Louise Wilson (SUIT Vocab Rehab)

Called to order: 8:04am

President Trennie:

Board retreat will be rescheduled to March after new board. Mike and Carol’s seats are up for new nominations.

Registration/application for Chamber sent out and will be due for March 2020. Dues must be paid to vote on Board Elections.

The results from July 2019 survey, the membership would like more youth involvement, tourism, community business, beautify town, Facebook, directory with advertisement (maybe digital download), business presentations, evening events – maybe quarterly.

November minutes approved with edits. December minutes tabled.

Sharon Craig is resigning. Board has accepted her resignation. Her resignation has a year left on her term that will need to be filled.

Trennie Nominated Mandy Brown for Board Elect. Mike Paco Second the motion.

Annette is also resigning off the scholarship committee.

Carol: Treasurer Report Carol: Checking $656.13 Saving $646.13

Jeremy: Tribal Fair 100 year celebration, still working on “Archiving” Project, circulation is great. Suggestion to contact Anita Mayes at Ignacio HS for high school students to design directory.

Bethany Powell (Pueblo Community College) PCC is starting early childhood certification and CNA.

Tony Harwig (Los Pinos Fire): Applying for grants for volunteer training + CPR Device, looking for volunteers. Kudos to “Seven Rivers” restaurant.

Amos: year 5 in business and doing great. Healthy communities start with healthy individuals.

Ron: Write 2020 vs. just ’20 on your checks.

Charlie: Superbowl party at Casino. 3:30. $19.95. March 28 Micky Gilley and Johnny Lee 8pm $29 tickets

Ray: 3 seats open for ELHI Board.

Merlin & Elin: Exit Realty Scholarship available.

Rocko: Check website for sport events, hiring staff, and millage is up for legislation.

Erik: Watch for ATM Scams

Kasey: Dancing Spirit was gifted $25k. Pottery classes after school arts. In the 10th year. Creative District meeting for community. Sat at 10:30.

Tuggy: Budget/Funding meeting for 2019 at Town Hall.

Trennie: Suicide prevention training. Speak Now March 13th. GONA (Gathering of Native Americans)

Rocko: C Dot to improve intersection/crosswalk

Adjourned: 9:24am

Next meeting 2-5-2020 at 8:00am

Next Board Meeting 2-4-2020 at 8:00am

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