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February 2022 Ignacio Chamber Meeting Minutes

Ignacio Chamber Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2022

At the Sky Ute Casino

Called to Order 8:04am

Present: Clark Craig, Journii, Bruce Le Claire, Bobby Rosa, Jeremy Shockley, Heather Otter, Tuggy Dunton, Kasey Correia, Sharon Craig, Mike Pacheco, Tony Harwig, Annette Gallegos, Amos Lee, Bobby Rosa, Carol Thompson, Jessica at Sky Ute Casino, Cory Stevens, Jeremy Shockley.

Thank you to Sky Ute Casino for hosting the Ignacio Chamber Meeting.

January 5, 2022 meeting minutes approved. Motion Sharon. Tuggy Second.

Financials: $8975.33 checking + $656.32

Presentation: Heather Otter from Region 9 gave an informative talk on what Region 9 provides. They have offices in Durango, Pagosa, and Cortez. They work with local counties and Southern Ute Tribe. They do provide a newsletter for updates and information. Website: Every year we have an economic forum providing state, county and local data and updates. You can attend in person or watch the replay of the presentation. Region 9 does strategic planning, project management, and also work with census and demographics. They also provide data for grants and help with small business funding. Ignacio is part of an ‘enterprise zone’ which could help with tax credits. See website for more information. Region 9 also provides a guiding data document, CEDS (Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy) which provides economic and demographic profiles for local counties. Region 9 also provides CDAPS (Community Development Action Plans for funding, grants, and economic information.

Round Table Updates:

Bruce LeClaire: Boys & Girls Club still doing virtual support. Monitoring Covid rates and hoping to be back in person soon. We’re at 19% positivity. At 15% we are hoping to re-open in person. Annual hearts fundraiser is happening this year: Thanking Pine River, Ignacio Chiropractic, Ignacio Florists, Farmers Fresh and Rose Café. Part time vacancies for part time program aid employment open for B & G Club.

Sharon Craig: Economic Alliance would like to present next month.

Tuggy Dunton: Town Hall: Utility rate changes next month. April 5th elections. Mayor spot available + 3 Board positions. Marijuana will not be on the ballot this year.

Kasey Correia: The old building fell through for Dancing Spirit. Looking for lot with new build. April 30th is the new fund-raiser date. Starting after school arts programming soon. Giving out arts kits with B & G Club. Art camp will be coming up in the spring. Adult pottery still going on Wednesdays. We are selling Ignacio Florists.

Mike Pacheco: Staying busy. Supply chain issues improving little by little.

Tony Harwig: 2 brush fires last week. Watch for Agg burns. Currently taking applications for volunteer fire-fighters. Adding new fire-fighters for response team soon. Reserve fire-fighters are training for vacation/sick coverage. Know your own business building plans for utility shut off.

Annette Gallegos: Expect 2% increase in rates by the fall. 2 positions open at TBK.

Carol Thompson: Taxes due: April 15th + July 15th + September 15th unless file extension. Also 2 Chamber Board Member position are open next month. Board members cannot nominate. Only paid members can vote.

Jessica: Sky Ute Casino is open. Seven Rivers is taking reservations. Superbowl will be limited.

Bobby Rosa: Business is busy as usual. Working with tribal members with diagnoses/disabilities/barriers when trying to find work. Reminder: People may wear masks due to disabilities not because of politics.

Amos at Farmers Fresh: Celebrating Anniversary! Working around supply chain. New quality vitamins/supplements in store. Would like input from community. Ready for Valentine’s Day with flowers and chocolates. 3 Springs store moving forward. No breaking ground date set yet.

Cory Stevens: (Could not hear very well on replay) Working on Ignacio District meetings and mission statement. Got a lot of input from community members.

Jeremy Shockley: Delay on printing but calendars are finally out. The Drum posts Tribal jobs in the classified section and up to date jobs are posted every Wednesday on the Facebook page.

Old Business:

Chamber Board Nominations: Kasey Correia + Rebecca York we’re re-nominated for the 2 board positions.

The Chamber Working on Chamber T’shirts

Sharon Craig: Creative District still working with beautification of Ignacio.

Clark Craig: Check Ignacio Library website for events. Questions? Ask Marcia. Also Allison Leath is leaving ELHI but we thank her. She raised the bar, and we appreciate all of her hard work. Emily Meisner is getting married today.

Next Meeting: March 2, 2022

Adjourned at 9:13am

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